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Bergsig Tennis Club

 Tennis for the whole family

Tennis for the whole family

At Bergsig tennis club, old and young can enjoy a game of tennis and our love for the sport is visible!


Our tennis club dates back to 1966 and recent years have seen a surge in membership!


Becoming a member is easy, and our membership fees are affordable.


At Bergsig tennis club, we don't just play tennis, we are one big family!



"We want to help people who never had the chance to play tennis." - Sarel Marais 2017.

Bergsig tennis club is located on the corner of Denyssen ave and Mignon street in Mountain View, Pretoria. The club has been in existence since 1966. Recent years have seen a surge in membership, as the club is very active and alive. Younger members are given professional training opportunities and can compete with other members as well.


Feel free to visit our club or contact us